How can we verify that?

On a loan for a cooperative loan in Manhattan, the lender is looking to verify the borrower’s employment with Goldman Sachs.  Unfortunately, Goldman Sachs only allows for verification through a secure online system.  Due to a glich in the system, the borrower is not showing up there though he has worked at the firm for many years and provided paystubs, W2s and now even a letter from the HR department confirming this! Still, the bank won’t clear the loan though borrower and his seller are looking to close this next week!  The bank says they will not accept any other verification other than the online system!  We are now trying to have an HR person from GS call the bank to confirm to see if that works.  We are also going to see if a manager who is not “sans brain” (if any still exist) will be able to help. Pretty crazy and totally typical stuff right now!


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