For Those About to Refinance, WE Salute You (with apologies to AC/DC)

For those who waited for the rates to drop further or tried to time the market, the ship has mostly sailed.  Fixed rates are now .5% higher than they were a month ago. However, if a refinance still makes sense with rates in the upper 4s on 30 year fixed or low 4s on 15 year fixed, you ought to jump now before rates go higher.  See below.

30 year-4.75% up to $417k

30 year-4.875% up to $729k

30 year-5.125% -$1M

15 year-4.25% up to $417k

15 year-4.375% up to $729k

5/1 ARM-3.875% (up to $417K)

5/1 ARM-3.5% up to $1.0M

7/1 ARM-4.125% up to $800K

7/1 ARM-4.125% up to $1.5M

10/1  ARM-4.5% up to $1M

All rates are for 45 days with 0 points and made by third party providers.  They assume credit scores of 740 and use of property as a primary residence.  Some products have loan-to-values limited to 60 or 70% (but not the conforming fixed rate loans). All loans are arranged by FCMC Mortgage Corp. a registered/licensed mortgage broker with the NYS and NJ Departments of Banking but made by third parties lenders.


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