Low Rates, Refinancing Volumes Are Up. Get In Before It’s Too Late!

30 year-4.125% up to $417k

30 year-4.25% up to $625k

30 year above $625k-4.625% (bi-weekly to $2.5M)/4.875% to $1M (standard)

15 year-3.25% up to $417k

15 year-3.375% up to $625k

15 year-over $625k-3.625%

5/1 ARM-2.875% (up to $417K)

5/1 ARM-3.0% over $625k

7/1 ARM-3.25% up to $417k

7/1 ARM-3.375% up to $1M

10/1  ARM-4.0% up to $1M

All rates are for 45 days with 0 points and made by third party providers.  They assume credit scores of 740 and use of property as a primary residence.  Some products have loan-to-values limited to 60 or 70% (but not the conforming fixed rate loans). All loans are arranged by FCMC Mortgage Corp. a registered/licensed mortgage broker with the NYS and NJ Departments of Banking.


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