LOOK OUT BELOW….Interest Rates Fall to Historic Levels



             As you likely have heard, interest rates have now fallen to their lowest levels in decades!. You may want to consider refinancing your current fixed rate mortgage. If you have an ARM with a few years left on it,  you may want to convert into a fixed rate loan or just lower your monthly payments by taking out another ARM.    In addition, if you have a 30 year loan and want to save on interest expense by shortening the term, you may want to consider converting it into a 20 year or15 year fixed rate loan.  

                The mortgage market is a rocky place now with difficulty navigating the waters.  Working with a reputable broker will help you navigate these waters and provide you with an advocate for your loan.  Don’t go it alone.  

                 Also, on many of our loan products our lenders offer a float-down option.  So, if the rates go down further, before you close, we may be able to lower your rate as well.  Therefore, there is no need to wait and see where the rates go to before starting a refinance.  

                 As the NY lottery says, “You have to Be in It to Win It.”  So, be a winner and contact Dan as soon as possible!


1373 Broad Street, Suite 312

Clifton,New Jersey07013

(973) 574-0900



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